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Rapid Spray Booms For Silver Selection Sprayers

Croplands Booms For Knapsack & Compression Sprayers

Guidolin Agrimac stock and sell a selection of booms to fit lance assemblies on the Croplands range of CropPak sprayers, knapsack sprayers and compression sprayers.

The booms available in our store include the 2 nozzle 50cm boom, 2 nozzle 75cm boom, 3 nozzle 100cm boom, 4 nozzle 150cm boom and the 2 nozzle narrow boom.

To enquire about or purchase a boom for your Croplands CropPak, knapsack or compression sprayer, pop into our store at 53 Banna Avenue, Griffith. Alternatively for further details please visit http://www.croplands.com.au/Products/Optima-Range#.VvHaPuJ97cs


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