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Ideal Vitistar 3 Row Herbicide Vineyard Sprayer

Guidolin Agrimac custom build Ideal vineyard sprayers to suit a wide range of vineyard spraying requirements.

With quality parts sourced straight from Italy together with excellent workmanship from our experienced workshop team, we are able to build high-grade sprayers which we sell Australia wide.


Impact resistant polyethylene tanks with UV-stabilised finish. Calibrated sight gauge, flip-open filling lid with large basket strainer, separate chemical pre-mixer and 1¼" drain valve.  Quick fill system and suction probe fitted standard.

4000 litre main tank with separate 80 litre flush tank

3000 litre main tank with separate 90 litre flush tank

2000 litre main tank with separate 130 litre flush tank

1500 litre main tank with separate 120 litre flush tank

Separate 15 litre fresh water tank on 1500 and 2000 litre models.



2000, 3000 and 4000 litre models: High pressure brass head pump - ARBHS170 (max. 50-bar) - large capacity (163 L/min*) four diaphragm pump featuring front external bronze manifolds and brass heads to minimise corrosion.


Heavy duty PTO driveshaft comes with safety covers and quick release pins.  Optional constant velocity (CV) shaft available 



Electric - high pressure solenoid valves, 2 section in-cab control with electric pressure adjustment

Bravo 180 automatic rate controller, 2 section (left/right) with optional 4-section control


4000, 3000, 2000 litre - twin Supa-flo agitators

1500 litre - single supa-flo agitator


Full filtration system - tank filling basket, suction filter and optional high pressure brass pressure filters.


Standard fitted with one set of (28) stainless steel disc and brass cores; and one set of (28) ALBUZ ceramic hollow cone nozzels - brown and yellow sizes fitted ex-factory.  Linear tower supplied with 14 of each discs and cores and ALBUZ ceramic cone nozzels.

Note - you can specify your nozzle selection on your order if you know the calibration requirements of the sprayer for your customer.


Hot-dipped galvanised, full-length with adjustable drawbar and single step, 6- stud wheel hubs, bumper bar comes with leaf guard.  Fixed axle standard; optional adjustable height and width axle.  Jockey wheel supplied on all models.


4000, 3000 litre - steel rims, 400 x 15.5" flotation tyres

2000, 1500 litre - steel rims, 11.5/80 x 15.3"



4000 litre - 4.3 L x 2.0m W x 1.9m H

3000 litre - 4.0m L x 1.65m W x 1.65m H

2000 litre - 3.7mL x 1.45m W x 1.55m H

1500 litre - 3.5m L x 1.45m W x 1.45m H

Note - dimensions may ary where different options are applied.


To enquire about having an Ideal vineyard sprayer custom built for you,
call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444.


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