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Maschio Presto Speed Disc

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality Maschio Presto speed discs.

The Presto mixes soil and residues at depths of up to 5". The 18" or 20" discs with their inclination and concavity allow to get the depth and to throw much more dirt than other conventional tillers.

The Presto can replace a conventional disc, field cultivator and rolling straw chopper all at once.

This disc is available in both rigid and folding models. Rigid models are available in 250cm, 300cm, 350cm and 400cm working widths and the folding models are available in 400cm, 500cm and 600cm working widths. 

Please refer to below image and attached brochure for full specs and details.

To enquire about these speed discs, call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444.

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