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Lemken Karat

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality German-made Lemken discs.


Intensive work in shallow and deep stubble cultivation

The Karat intensive cultivator is suited for both the first, shallow stubble cultivation across the full surface after combine harvesting and for subsequent, deeper passes with intensive mixing, or for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

  • The (optional) innovative quick-change system allows the shares to be replaced quickly and easily, without requiring tools, to adapt the cultivator for shallow or deeply mixing cultivation to meet a wide range of requirements.
  • The depth control in the mounted Karat is easily accessible, and the working depth can be adjusted finely between 5 and 30 cm without tools. The semi-mounted versions feature a hydraulic working depth adjustment.
  • The concave discs automatically adapt when the working depth is changed.
  • The hydraulic traction enhancement of the semi-mounted Karat transfers weight from the cultivator to the rear tractor axle for increased tractor traction and reduced fuel consumption.
  • The optional ContourTrack automatic working depth adjustment ensures that the set working depth is consistently maintained even in hilly terrain.
  • The carriage of the semi-mounted version is integrated into the cultivator frame to provide greater agility.
  • The (optional) maintenance-free automatic overload protection provides plenty of room for the tines to deflect upwards and towards the rear around any obstacles.



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