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Burder Counterweights

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality Australian-made Burder counterweights.

Counterweights are important in maintaining the stability of a tractor when using front end loaders. With a front end loader fitted onto a tractor, the centre of gravity shifts forward. The centre of gravity is further amplified when the loader lifts a load thus putting pressure on the tyres, axle and rims.

To eliminate such risks, a 3 point linkage should be used. The counterweight is hooked up with a 3 point linkage set behind the rear axle. This is the best method to improve stability and it reduces the amount of pressure placed on the tyres, axle and rims.

Burder counterweights are top quality, robustly designed and are made from Australian steel with quality 2 pack paint. They are safe and user friendly, simple to use and have been engineered for maximum safety and efficiency. 

Burders counterweights are available in 3 categories with different configurations.

Please refer to attached PDF attachment for the complete list.

To enquire about these counterweights, call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444.

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